Is A Crosley Record Player Worth The Hype?

crosley record playerMost of their record players are actually pretty cool looking. Personally, I prefer the looks of Crosley’s record players as opposed to the very modern turntables. They will not only look cooler than the futuristic looking devices called turntables today, but they’ll also be capable of producing a respectable quality of music. Most people aren’t audiophiles anyway, so the minor differences between a $200 and $1000 record player will be left unnoticeable. You might as well go for looks instead.

Crosley record players also have the simplicity factor going for them. With this in mind, Crosley has made it so easy to fix up a record player, without having to fuss over the many different and small parts of a record player. Things like the type of cartridge, model of stylus, tonearm sensitivity, platter vibration etc. are thrown out the window. It’s basically a plug and play device, which makes it attractive. The only thing you possibly have to adjust is the volume and obviously the type of record or music you wish to play on the turntable.